Vive Crop Protection, Marrone Bio Innovations Join Forces to Crop Protection Solutions

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. and Vive Crop Protection have announced an agreement that will provide a suite of ground-breaking products for U.S. growers that combine a leading biological with proven conventional chemistry utilizing the unique Allosperse Delivery System.

The first product to come from this joint effort will be AZterknot FC, a fungicide for broad crop use marketed by Vive Crop Protection. It fuses the plant health benefits of two actives: Reynoutria extract, the active ingredient in biological market-leader Regalia, and the disease-fighting power of azoxystrobin, the active ingredient in AZteroid FC 3.3.


AZterknot FC will also contain Vive’s Allosperse Delivery System technology, which provides superior handling characteristics including compatibility with in-furrow, pop-up and foliar liquid fertilizers. Pending EPA registration approval, the product will be approved for foliar and in-furrow application on all major crops in the U.S. (excluding California).

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