Jay Vroom Joins CPDA as Strategic Advisor

Terry Kippley, president of the Council of Producers and Distributors of AgroTechnology (CPDA), has announced that the organization has retained the services of VroomLeighAgriculture, LLC (VLA) to assist with the association’s continued membership services and growth, including focus on its successful advocacy on behalf of its 61 members.

“We are pleased to welcome Jay Vroom to support our team and member volunteers as a new senior advisor. Jay is no stranger to CPDA and our members and their public policy issues. He served 30 years as head of CropLife America and regularly interfaced with CPDA as an ally working closely on many issues,” noted Kippley. “This new consultant relationship with CPDA staff and member leaders has already given us perspective on both our approach to many policy issues but also how we can continually enhance our strategic positioning of CPDA with existing and prospective members.”


Vroom also brings a total of 45 years of broad ag industry association experience, having worked also on the staff of The Fertilizer Institute, National Fertilizer Solutions Association (now the Ag Retailers Association) and the Merchants Exchange of St. Louis. Additionally, he continues to be directly involved in family farming operations in Illinois, as well as his strategic consulting business, VLA, LLC based in Northern Virginia.

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Jay Vroom, CIO, VroomLeighAgriculture, LLC, Strategic Advisor, CPDA.

“I appreciate the warm welcome Terry and the CPDA board leaders have extended me as we engage to help them map out the next stages of CPDA’s success in the complex landscape of government outreach as well as positioning CPDA in the market. CPDA has an impressive track record of supporting the interests of adjuvant and inert ingredient suppliers and innovators, post-patent crop protection registrants, and distributors — and has the potential to expand its services and support of farmers’ interest in expanding productivity and improving environmental outcomes,” said Vroom. “CPDA leadership on enhancing crop protection application via ever-better innovations in adjuvant technology is one great example of helping move this strategic industry forward.”

CPDA has been the voice and advocate for its industry segment for 35 years. Now headquartered in Arlington, VA — just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC — it provides an array of strategic services to its members and industry spanning product and process certification programs, market development and government relations.