Agtonomy, On-Target Collaborate to Advance All-Electric Implement Ecosystems

Agtonomy Electrostatic Smart Sprayer Implement

The first all-electric, electrostatic smart sprayer prototype designed for specialty crop producers made its public debut at FIRA USA.

Agtonomy, a leading software and services company specializing in advanced autonomous and AI solutions for agriculture, has announced a partnership with OnTarget to develop an all-electric, electrostatic autonomous smart sprayer, ushering in the next generation of advanced, smart spray solutions for sustainable agriculture.


The first all-electric, electrostatic smart sprayer prototype designed specifically for specialty crop producers will make its public debut today at the FIRA USA ag robotics and autonomy show, taking place from September 19-21 in Salinas Sports Complex.

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“Embedding Agtonomy’s AI ‘smarts’ into OnTarget’s proven electrostatic ag sprayers ups the ante in next-gen smart-spray solutions, bringing unparalleled results and better outcomes to more farmers, faster,” said Tim Bucher, CEO and co-founder of Agtonomy. “Both Agtonomy and OnTarget share a vision of smart, all-electric implement ecosystems as the future of agriculture, not only for efficiency and cost-savings, but for significant contributions to sustainable farming practices.”

OnTarget’s electrostatic technology, which creates charged spray droplets that more uniformly cover and cling to surfaces, helps growers cut their spray time in half while using less water and using crop protection products more efficiently.

“Building upon 28 years of engineering and in-field experience as the leader in electrostatic applications for specialty crops, partnering with Agtonomy lets OnTarget bring the grower next generation technology and autonomy, reducing costs, liability and achieving better results at the lowest cost per acre,” said Willie Hartman, founder of OnTarget, whose prototype has already been used in test sites across California.

The collaboration represents Agtonomy’s latest partnership with equipment and implement manufacturers to embed intelligent technology into farming equipment to drive automation, efficiency and sustainability.

Agtonomy’s 2024 pilot program spanning across the West Coast will give early-adopter growers the first chance to use and contribute to the ongoing development of this cutting-edge technology.