HULL COOP is a farmer-owned supply cooperative in Hull, IA, that began as a grain elevator in 1908 by a group of lo­cal farmers who saw a need within their rural community. Hull Coop has con­tinued to expand over the years, and due to business growth and capacity, they needed a new bulk fertilizer stor­age facility. Having worked with differ­ent fabric building manufacturers, Hull Coop was looking for something that would provide capacity and longevity. Evan Wielenga, Agronomy Manager for Hull Coop Association, discussed how the building process went with Legacy Building Solutions.


When looking at building a new structure, Evan Wielenga and the Hull Coop team had two options — a wood structure or a tension fabric building. Through the research and planning process, they discovered that what Legacy offers is different; the buildings have a much longer life expectancy compared to other fabric structure types. When push came to shove, the deciding factor that led them to go with Legacy was the cost per square foot. A wood structure would have been too expensive, and Legacy could provide everything they needed while still being affordable.


While our building longevity and cost per square foot fit the company’s needs, a few other features helped seal the deal. The building did not require insulation, and Hull Coop features a white fabric roof, allowing plenty of natural light to filter in. Legacy’s white fabric has 12% translucency, which means facilities like Hull Coop can benefit from a brighter working environment while reducing energy and lighting costs. Additionally, since working with fertilizer, corrosion protection was an abso­lute must. Legacy’s special epoxy coating EpoxxiShield creates a protective barrier between corrosive materials, like fertilizer, and the building frames, extending the life of your building and your overall investment. Hull Coop went with the COR Elite package, the highest version of EpoxxiShield for maximum protection.

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This structure was completed in 2022 and is a 18,900 square foot (105 feet X 180 feet) facility. It is set to withstand wind speeds up to 105 miles per hour and 18.2 psf ground snow load. The building is clad in Legacy’s white ExxoTec Elite fabric with blue endwalls and sidewalls. The building frames were engineered to support a 550 pound per foot conveyor load and the whole building has a 5,938- ton capacity.

Wielenga would like to impart some advice on folks looking to build: “Look at fabric differently. This is a valid way to do construction; it is unconventional, but it fulfills your needs. We wouldn’t have had our building without Legacy.”


Paul Smith, Building & Project Design Consultant
[email protected]