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“From start to finish Greystone Construction was there to answer and follow up on every question and concern that came up during the construction process. From preconstruction tours, design meetings, permitting, building stages, every aspect was addressed with professionalism to build two facilities that felt like they were designed and built specifically to Ag Partners expectations. Our project manager, Nick, was the cornerstone of this entire process. It felt like he was part of the Ag Partners team with an experienced group to support his role back at the corporate office. Everyone has experienced logistical and inventory problems over the last few years, but Greystone Construction navigated these issues with great contractors and by being proactive to make sure that our buildings were not only completed on time but insured the quality we desired.” Dale Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Ag Partners

“We are grateful to the Ag Partners organization for placing their trust in Greystone to construct multiple state-of-the-art facilities. Ag Partners brought us in early in their process, allowing us to understand their vision and project goals. This enabled Greystone to bring our key industry partners to the table early and work through all the details during the preliminary design phase, resulting in two great projects. A big thank you to the Ag Partners project team, Greystone team, and our industry partners for the collaboration and all your efforts.“
Colin O’Brien, VP & Principal, Greystone Construction



Colin O’Brien, Vice President & Principal
[email protected]
952-239-9340 (cell)

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