ASABE to Develop New Standard for Targeted Spray Application Systems

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has initiated the development of a new standard, S665, Crop Protection Equipment – Test methods for the evaluation of targeted spray application systems. The project will define performance standards for targeted spray application for row-crop, boom-type sprayer configurations. These performance standards will provide guidelines for plant protection product usage for registrants and regulators, e.g. EPA, when using this technology.

Anyone interested in participating in the development and review of this standard is encouraged to contact ASABE Standards Administrator, Jean Walsh for more information ([email protected]).


ASABE is recognized worldwide as a standards developing organization for food, agricultural, and biological systems, with more than 280 standards currently in publication. Conformance to ASABE standards is voluntary, except where required by state, provincial, or other governmental requirements, and the documents are developed by consensus in accordance with procedures approved by the American National Standards Institute.

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For information on this or any other ASABE standard, contact Scott Cedarquist at 269-932-7031, [email protected]. A current listing of all ASABE standards projects can be found on the ASABE web site at